Joining Bhaya for a day cruise in Halong Bay, you’ll fall in love with the majestic beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage site while being charmed with curated destinations in the bay. Each moment with Bhaya’s day cruise is valued because of its humble length. Still, passengers can leisurely take in the scenery Soi Sim Beach or be amazed at Me Cung (Maze) Cave’s greatness, immerse in the pristine Trinh Nu Beach, or take part in the pearl making process in Tung Sau Pearl Farm.

The day cruise offers multiple options for you to have your ideal cruise customized. Be it the casual Bhaya Spirit in which many guests can be transferred to destinations conveniently, or Bhaya Legend that will fit for a smaller group of passengers. Bhaya Legend’s design is all about coziness and resonates oriental ambiance perfectly. Guests can freely choose different periods of time to stay in Halong or preferred time to departure. Everything is certainly tailor-made to your needs.

Cruising map for 8h
Cruising map for 4h
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