Bhaya Classic & Premium are the boutique cruise lines designed with a traditional look that offers an authentic cruise experience, combining the bay’s magnificent scenery with a taste of Vietnam’s rich traditional culture. The two differ only in size, with Premium having less cabins for fewer passengers and a more intimate experience. Both cruises offer superior comfort to every passenger at a very affordable price. Get ready for an amazing experience onboard Bhaya Cruise!

Classic Deluxe Cabin

Classic Terrace Suite

Premium Triple Cabin

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Join us onboard for a 2 day adventure of this World Heritage site with limestone mountains, emerald waters and unforgettable moments. Our high quality and all inclusive cruise service ensures you can have a leisurely, hassle free holiday.

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Cruise along this magical bay for three days, taking in the serene setting, dramatic landscapes and ethereal beauty. Enjoy relaxing or a wide range of activities for the more adventurous traveler. Longer cruising route, wider exploration, ultimate relaxation onboard the Bhaya Premium.

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