Greeting from Bhaya Group’s new Managing Director

December 30, 2015

In November 2015, Ms. Ly Thuy Huynh Nhu has been appointed as the new Managing Director of Bhaya Group.

It is my honor to join Bhaya Group as new Managing Director from November 2015!

Since its’ establishment in 2007, Bhaya’s management defined its vision to be the leading cruise operator in Ha Long Bay. With a large and modern cruise fleet and professional management team, Bhaya Group affirms its leading position in the industry. We believe that success depends on maintaining a good reputation, which we have gained as a result of our strong commitment to providing high-quality services and products, as well as to our continuous effort to maintain customer satisfaction.

We are well aware that this requires constant investment to update and develop our cruise fleet assets in order to work with the safest and highest technical standards. This would not be possible without the hard work of our teams, both onshore and offshore, whom I would like to thank and salute for their exceptional efforts and work ethic to help us thrive.

Bhaya Group is proud to continue making positive changes on a positive change such as fleet renovation, staff training, health and wellness, economic development and environmental sustainability. At Bhaya, thanks to our strategy focused on innovation and sustainability, we believe that acting responsibly and giving back to society make us a more effective organization.

We continue our endeavor to lead the cruise fleet and uphold our mission, which is to create value for our shareholders, to carry the value we create in a sustainable manner and to take our company one step ahead. We sincerely believe that we will continue to accomplish our goals without any compromise from our principles, and are able to do this with the support we receive not only from our company employees and managers but also from our business partners and customers.

In addition, from the Managing Director’s point, it is my privilege to work with the board, the management team, our employees and our business partners. I want to sincerely thank everyone for their contribution to our great business and for their daily commitment to serving our customers.