Halong Bay weather in December, is it worth visiting?

October 4, 2018

December is wintertime in Halong Bay, Vietnam when the temperature fluctuates between 15°C and 23°C. 

Vietnam is a tropical country so the winter is not cold and quite pleasant for westerners. 

Lower humidity is a big plus for Halong bay weather in December.

However, you can expect occasional light rain during this month.

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Good News! December is one of the best time to visit Halong Bay.

This last month of the year promises to be an ideal time to start off your Halong trip for many reasons.

  • The top reason is the pleasant weather with less rainfall, drier compare with the summer time and light sunshine is perfect for relaxing on the beach. 
  • A typical characteristic of weather in December is fog. Halong will show up at a very different beauty in foggy weather. It’s some kind of mysterious island what you only see on screen. 
  • The ship is unable to move fast in this weather condition let you slowly discover the scenery in front. But if you prefer have more sunlight hours for outdoor activities and a lot of sunshines, December may be not a perfect fit.
  • (You can read about other months to find the better fit for you here)

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  • Water in the bay is calm and much lower chance of a storm. That means there will be no more unexpected cancellation for your cruise.
  • The wintertime is the fishing season of local fisherman. You can have the opportunity to see the traditional boat and how local people catch fish. It can be a distinctive experience to try a day in the life of a fisherman.fishing_2_.jpg
  • A specialty of Halong cannot be missed is the squid. “Squid season” starts in October and last until January or February next year. 
  • Squid is attracted by the light so you will see a truly glamorous scene. In the middle of the night, a dozen glowing wooden boats lightened up by countless light bulbs slowly go through the darkness.
  • If you’re seeking something new for the new year, then you are in the right place and right time. There’s always special cruises for Christmas and New Year which offer exclusive itinerary as well as an onboard party. Imagine you will celebrate the new year eve as sailing through magnificent Halong.
  • December is also a peak season, the chance to book a cruise tour with a good price is very difficult.
  • Therefore, planning your Halong Bay trip in advance would be a good strategy to avoid disappointment cruising with some low-quality cruise company or overpaid.
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Tips for traveling Halong Bay in December

As a destination expert with thousands of departures each year, Bhaya Cruise collect useful tips to help you have a wonderful December in Halong Bay.

  • Bring a lightweight and waterproof jacket. Winter in Vietnam in general and Halong Bay in specific is not very cold. However, heavy fog and drizzle are common so you’d better have a waterproof jacket.
  • December is the favorite time for western tourists but the low season for domestic tourists, allowing you to have a more private beach and less crowded attractions.
  • Daylight won’t last long at this time. The dark comes quite quickly and it is for your safety that the ship to come back sleeping area on time. Thus, stay ready and stick with your cruise schedule.

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We hope that this article will help you planning a perfect Halong Bay Trip this December !