Our Mission & Vision

Bhaya Group share the vision statement for responsible business. We are proud to be the pioneering enterprise contributing tirelessly to protect environment and support local community. Since the foundation, Bhaya Group has been operating responsibly, in pursuit of sustainable tourism in many aspects.

We are aware of the impact that cruise tourism can have on delicate ecosystem if it is not well managed. To address various challenges to sustainable development we are establishing close working relationships with all major stakeholders to conserve the quality of the natural, social and cultural resources in and around Halong Bay. Bhaya have been an active partner of IUCN in “The Fight for a Healthy Ocean” campaign and Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project for years.

For the year 2017, we are more proactive and launching more pioneering initiatives in attempt to fulfill our sustainability commitment. In particular, four projects of 2017 are our focus including “Save the Langur, Bhaya Community, Bhaya Care, and Bhaya Green”.  We are expected to be the leading corporate spreading awareness among tourists, local community and other entrepreneurs in Halong Bay.