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What to pack for a Halong cruise

May 22, 2017

Before going on a cruise, make a checklist what you need to bring. These are some useful things you should take for your best Halong cruise. These are must-have items and recommended ones to make your cruise comfortable and enjoyable.

First thing first: Cruise documents and important paper. You cannot embark the cruise without these papers. So put it into a small separate bag which should be always carried with you.

cruise packing tips

Sun protection: Vietnam is a tropical country, so the sun will be harsh. Especially for a summer cruise in Halong, many beaches are included in itinerary so sunscreen is a must-have item in your suitcase. A waterproof and about 50 spf sunscreen is better. Remember to reply the sunscreen after several hours. You won’t want a sunburn after kayaking

cruise packing tips

Good hiking shoes: cave visit is an interesting activity during Halong cruise. The cave is beautiful but sometimes is steep and slippery. A good shoe will ensure your safety and comfort.

cruise packing tips

Backup batteries and charger: Halong impresses many visitors by its breathtaking scenery so bring backup batteries to make sure you will not miss any photo.

cruise packing tips

Medicine if you need special one: popular medicine and emergency kit are available onboard. However, in case you need some special treatment, it can be difficult to find the right type of medicine in the middle of the sea.

cruise packing tips

Clothes to wear on a cruise

The following suggestion is best for the summer cruise. If you cruise Halong in winter, just a light jacket and some sweaters are fine.

For female

Off-board: Swimsuit is the first to pack. Halong is well known with emerald and calm water which is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Swimming is an activity not to be missed in your Halong Cruise.

cruise packing tips

cruise packing tips

Short, jeans and T-shirt are good bets for excursion activities such as kayaking or hiking

Onboard: Casual skirts and sundresses are perfect choices for onboard activities

cruise packing tips

Dining: For evening or party on the sundeck, you should dress in a more formal style. There is no special dress code for this occasion but an elegant attire is preferable. Think of flowing cotton dresses or things you will wear at a nice restaurant.

Footwear: sandals, sneaker and a nice pair of high heels

Suggested women outfit for 3 days 2 night Halong cruise

cruise packing tips

For male

Off-board:  Swim trunks and a nice pair of leather sandals and stylish shades are comfortable and suitable for both swimming as well as kayaking. You can pair it up with a T-shirt or leave the shirt unbuttoned to show off those muscles or fresh suntan. The ladies don’t mind!

For a cave visiting or biking, pair lightweight shorts and a polo shirt. Keep it simple and active

Onboard: a mix of Bermuda shorts and polo shirt is perfect for attending onboard activities. A more formal option is chino pants and a pastel shirt.

Dining: A nice suit a nice suit is all it takes!

footwear: with a sneaker, leather sandals and leather shoes you can fit for all occasions during your Halong cruise

Suggested men outfit for 3 days 2 night Halong cruise

what to wear on a cruise