Halong travel tips

Travelling in Vietnam during Tet holiday

If you are worrying about travelling to Vietnam during Tet then don’t. Tet is a wonderful time to visit the country and enjoy a unique atmosphere that you will not experience at any other time of the year.

 How long to spend in Halong bay?

This blog helps you to answer a common question how long to spend in Halong Bay. 2 Day is the most popular option while 3 day can take you…

Amazing Travel Experiences

How to Spend Christmas in Hanoi and Halong Bay

Spending Christmas in Hanoi and Halong Bay is something that a lot of people should consider doing at least once in their lifetime!

Best Halong bay cruise recommendation

A list of hand-picked cruise selection which recommends you best Halong cruises (From budget cruise for backpackers to high-end floating hotel) and how long to be spent here.

Bhaya Travel News

[Bhaya 10-Year Anniversary] Humans of Bhaya

Countdown to the Big day with our teams. Meet and share the extraordinary stories behind ordinary people

Letter from the founder

We turn 10 today! Our Chairman got some words to say about this momentous milestone.

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