Halong Bay: Weather & Best Time To Visit (Avoid Storm)

Best time to visit Halong Bay depends on what kind of a Halong trip you are looking for. January to March is the time for you to experience Vietnamese's New Year. But if you a beach lover and keen on water activities, Halong Bay weather in April to June is a good fit for you. While October to December is the peak season and the best time of year to visit due to the pleasant weather, July to September has a higher chance of storms and typhoon. However, every season has a distinct charm and advantage. You can find which month or season is the best fit for you through this post below.

Halong bay weather and best time to visit

Halong Bay Weather: Temperature and Rainfall, Sunlight hours and humidity

Halong locates in the North of Vietnam-156km away from Hanoi capital with typical tropical monsoon climate. Different from the South with only two seasons (rain and dry season), Halong has 4 seasons with its own weather features. Take a look at graphs below for details figure for each month.

  • January - March, the temperature is around 16-200C which is very pleasant and perfect for relaxing. But there is much less sunlight during the day. Mostly you will see fog and drizzle.

  • June - early September can be hot and humidity for westerners but Halong during this time is charming with Krystal clear sky and emerald water. Halong weather this time is more comfortable for swimming, kayaking, and other water activity.

Halong Bay weather in June and tips for traveling

  • July - September is the rainy season with a high chance of storms and typhoon. That means your trip or cruise can be canceled or delayed. Most of cruise companies will usually give you refund or reschedule your tour in that case. Besides, there are many cruise lines offer deals and promotions during these low seasons. So, you can avoid the crowds and enjoy beautiful Halong Bay with half of the price. (Check out Bhaya Classic refund policy in the case of storms and typhoon).

  • October - December is peak season for tourists in Halong Bay due to pleasant weather. This is the best time of year to visit Halong Bay because there are less rain and humid, the temperature is around 200C. The sun is not as harsh as in the summer. December is also time for Christmas and New Year. There will be cruise deals and a special program for this occasion.

Halong Bay weather in December and Tips for traveling

Halong bay weather and best time to visit
Month By Month Temperature and Rainfall Past 5 Years
Halong bay weather and best time to visit
 Average Temperature and Precipitation of Halong
Halong bay weather and best time to visit
Average Sunlight Hours and Humidity Percentage of Halong

Festivals and Events 

Halong bay weather and best time to visit


Halong Bay Festival Schedule Every Month 

Spring is the festival season in Vietnam, If you are interested in more cultural activities and wish to experience an authentic Vietnam culture that has existed for thousands of years, January to March is just the best time for you.

1. Long Tien Temple Festival
Longtien temple was built in 1941, located at the foot of Bai Tho Mount. This is the largest temple in Halong. The main day of the festival is March 24 in the lunar calendar.

2. Cua Ong temple festival
This is an important national relic. The temple includes 3 areas the lower, the middle and the upper level which forms an architectural clump of cauldrons looking out over the Bai Tu Long Bay. This is the great communal house representing the typical Vietnamese communal house architecture. The Cua Ong temple worships Heros who had great contribution defending the country under Tran Dynasty.

Happening: January 1 to end of March (in lunar calendar)

3. Yen Tu Festival
Yen Tu is the center of Buddhism during feudal period, which is the origin of the Truc Lam Zen. The complex is located on a high mountain with a stunning view.

Happening: January 10 to end of March (in lunar calendar)

4. Tra Co Festival
Tra Co Communal house was built 600 years ago by Tra Co people to worship gods and Heros of the ancient village. There is a beautiful beach nearby which attract many visitors.

Happening: May 30 to June 6

5. Bach Dang Festival
The festival celebrates Bach Dang Victory (983) by King Ngo Quyen. The visitors will have a chance to try traditional folk games which can hardly be seen nowadays such as human chess, wrestling...etc.

6. Halong Carnival
Different from other festivals listed above, Halong Carnival is not a traditional one. The word “carnival” speaks for itself. Halong Carnival first organized in 2006 and has been the largest and most fascinating festival. Thousands of artists and performers from Vietnam, Philippines, Korea… gathers to showcase their unique culture.

Happening: Annually, April.

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