A well-designed incentive cruise with Bhaya Classic can be a remarkably effective tool to reward and encourage staff members or clients who are key to your organization's success. We offer an array of all-inclusive corporate incentive packages in concert with flexible Halong Bay cruise itineraries. Activities and excursions within Halong Bay can be worked into a schedule including meetings and team building events, along with fun, stress-relieving exercises and free time.

Incentive cruises with Bhaya Classic are all-inclusive by design, with a persistent focus on relaxation. A Halong Bay cruise is the perfect venue in which to deliver this kind of inclusive experience, with supremely comfortable accommodation, fun and delicious meals, numerous on-board activities and evening entertainment, all provided for a flat, competitive price.

At Bhaya Classic, our professional team of event planners specialize in building incentive cruises which mesh seamlessly with the goals of your programme. Incentive cruise itineraries are fully customizable, with even the length of the cruise able to be set from 01 to 04 days, according to your preference. Bhaya Classic, as the largest cruise operator in Halong Bay, has a fleet of cruise ships which can be put at your disposal, allowing you great flexibility to schedule cruises with consideration to both your employees preferred timetables and the ongoing operational needs of your business.

Our service for our incentive cruise clients begins in the consulting phase, where we provide as much creative support and advising as necessary, and our team stays with the project right through the entire planning phase. We are happy to work with you on special excursions, cocktail parties or unique private events to make your incentive cruise far from ordinary. Among the special events we offer, the gala dinner held inside a candlelit Halong Bay cave always makes memories.

The on-board services we can provide include our finely fitted cabins and suites, massage and beauty treatments available at the ship's professional spa, and a restaurant and bar supported by experienced chefs serving up both Western and Asian classics. Team building activities custom made to suit your preferences can be included in your fully customizable itinerary, along with relaxing excursions such as cycling on Cat Ba Island, and swimming or kayaking in the bay.

Make your next incentive programme a true original. Contact us to design a customized Halong Bay incentive cruise with Bhaya Classic.

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