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These responsible practices are designed to ensure the bay's environmental integrity, now and in the future, as well as seeing to it that local communities benefit from tourism in their area and are encouraged to preserve their unique culture. 2017 marks a start of multiple CSR projects by Bhaya Cruises which we would like to announce. 

1, Save the Langur

Save the Langur-Bhaya Cruise

The project is the vital effort to protect this critically endangered primate. The Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project (CBLCP) was launched in November 2000 with the main objective of halting the impending extinction of the Cat Ba Langur (Trachypithecus Poliocephalus). The Langur is a leaf-eating monkey that is endemic to Cat Ba Island situated in Ha Long Bay, Northern Vietnam. Under the stewardship of Mr. Neahga Leonard (Project Manager) the team focuses on Species and Habitat Protection, Population Monitoring, Law Enforcement, Research and Environmental Education. 

We believe we have a collective duty not to let this beautiful and very vulnerable species become extinct. As of July 2016 only an estimated 51 - 54 individual remains, but a substantial drop from the 64 – 70 individuals counted in 2015. 

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2, Bhaya Community

Bhaya Community  
Support local economy

At Bhaya Classic, we believe that as one of the most trusted, well-reputed and largest cruise operators on Halong Bay, it is part of our role to ensure that the benefits of Halong Bay tourism have a positive impact felt throughout the local communities around the bay. As part of this role, we make all efforts to work with local suppliers and support them in developing and applying sustainable practices in their operations. We also focus on employing local people whenever we can and provide the necessary training to make this possible. We consider the recruitment of local employees as a vital part of our support for the community. The effects are much greater than direct employment; the travel and hospitality skills training and experiences we provide strengthen the local labour pool and last a lifetime. Our approach is designed to make certain that the economic benefits of the large-scale tourism which Halong Bay brings are growing the local economy and bringing more opportunities and choices to local people. In particular, the organic farm in Viet Hai village is a project for supporting the local economy. The establishment of the organic farm helps them to be more independent, by reducing their reliance on ‘importing’ more expensive vegetables from outside the village.

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Support local resident life

Bhaya Classic also takes part in charity efforts to improve the quality of life for residents, and local disaster response programmes. Our involvement in projects to support local residents have included providing eye check-ups at no charge for residents of Viet Hai Village (2012), the construction of an elementary school for Vung Vieng fishing village (2012), and a major donation campaign in support of Viet Hai Village residents after severe flooding in July 2015.

3, Bhaya Green

Bhaya Green

Actions in environment protection

Understanding that preserving ecological balance in Halong Bay is paramount to our success, Bhaya Classic requires full and active compliance on each of its boats with all government regulations regarding onboard environmental treatment systems, and is firmly committed not to dispose any water or garbage into the bay. Beyond regulatory compliance, we actively work with relevant authorities in the area on efforts to conserve the unique environment found in Halong Bay and to protect the many marine and terrestrial species found here, as well as the delicate rock formations for which the bay is known. Part of our mission as a cruise provider is to help our guests learn about local culture around Halong Bay, to which end we offer our cruise clients some guiding principles on what to do and what not to do while in the bay, to limit any possible negative long-term effects on local communities from tourism, as well as to ensure that the environment of the bay bears no negative impact from our visit.

As part of Bhaya Classic's efforts to strengthen conservation and environmental protection in Halong Bay, we support effective environmental programs operated by NGOs and local authorities. Bhaya Classic actively contributes to the “Halong – Cat Ba Alliance” which, operated by IUCN Vietnam with funding from USAID, works to safeguard the area's natural integrity and boost the impact of responsible environmental management throughout the World Heritage Halong Bay, as well as Cat Ba Archipelago. Bhaya Classic also regularly takes part in public awareness campaigns highlighting the importance of environmental conservation in Halong Bay, and locally organized initiatives around the issue. The campaigns we have been involved in include Clean the Bay 2012, Action for Halong Bay 2013, Action for Green Halong 2016 and most recent cleanup event 2017 in corporation with IUCN, both calling on public participation to remove garbage from the bay and raise public awareness on the effect of littering in the bay. 

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4, Bhaya Care 

Bhaya Care

The Bhaya Care project is dedicated to our committed employees.

The Bhaya Care project is dedicated to our committed employees.The project is to introduce actions, procedures, and campaigns that are designed to support each single staff member from our company. 

Mr. Nguyen Van Thao OPM is the Project Leader of Bhaya Care with Mr. Nguyen Van Duy Butler and Mr. Tran Van Quynh HSKS assisting him. 

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