The Bhaya story

Inspiration of Bhaya Classic boats

In 2007 the first Bhaya Classic ship set off on its maiden voyage through majestic Halong Bay, destined to be a trend-setter for the industry.

Today, operating 8 boats with 97 passenger cabins, Bhaya Classic has expanded to become the largest cruise operator on Halong Bay.

The serenity of Halong Bay's natural vistas and the rich traditional heritage of Vietnam served as twin lodestars for the design of the Bhaya Classic. During Vietnam's Nguyen Dynasty, Emperor Khai Dinh journeyed through Halong Bay in 1917 on an exceptional wooden vessel, and over time the design of his boat became something of a legend among the area's shipbuilders

While the details of the emperor's voyage are largely lost to history, it is easy to imagine him, in his early thirties and only having ascended to the throne the previous year, sailing in royal splendor through the other-worldly scenes of Halong Bay.

Nearly a century later, respected shipbuilder Master Nguyen Van Hoa, a member of a well-known family of shipbuilders, dedicated himself to creating a boat inspired by the beauty of Halong Bay and Vietnamese traditional culture, hewing closely to the legacy of the emperor's ship.


Master Hoa began a cooperation with a gifted French architect, Anne Drousie, and in 2005 they started their effort to build the dream ship. Their mission was to fuse the designs and time-honoured techniques of the Vietnamese shipbuilding trade with the conveniences and creature comforts of modern fittings and services. Bringing together these two disparate worlds, modern cruise industry technology and service standards, with the deeply traditional and yet highly innovative methods of Vietnamese shipbuilders, could only be achieved successfully with the remarkable passion that this duo exhibited for the project. Their tireless dedication to the dream of creating a ship, offering all the features expected of any modern cruise while remaining true to the spirit of Emperor Khai Dinh's royal vessel, are reflected and honoured in all the Bhaya Classic ships. After 2 years of focused efforts, the first Bhaya Classic was completed, featuring modern amenities on board a ship purpose-built for Halong Bay, Vietnam.

Set sail

In 2007 the first Bhaya Classic ship set off on its maiden voyage through majestic Halong Bay, destined to be a trend-setter for the industry. The inspiration in design and dedication to detail behind the Bhaya Classic is reflected in its success over the years.

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