Traveling time to Halong Bay with Bhaya reduced by half to only 2.5 Hours

The new highway was finally launched after three years of construction

[Hanoi, September 20th, 2018] – After three years of construction, the new highway between Hai Phong and Halong was launched on the first of September, shortening the distance between the cities from 75 km to 25 km. In addition, the distance between Hanoi and Halong has also been reduced from 175 km to 125 km. 

The new highway consists of a 19.8 km road with the Bach Dang Bridge stretching an impressive 5.4 km. The starting point begins at the Vietnam National Highway No.18 in Quang Ninh Province, ending at the intersection of the Hanoi – Hai Phong Highway. The total investment for this project is over 556 million USD.

The Hai Phong – Halong highway not only improves the transportation between the three most developed cities in Northern Vietnam but also opens new opportunities for tourism. Through years, Highway 10 and 18A had to struggle with the terrible traffic jam, wasting lots of time and causing stress for drivers. Hence, the new highway has been expected to attract more international and domestic tourists to visit and discover the beauty of Halong Bay’s impressive ecosystem and charming local life. Please note the new highway’s speed limit rests at 100 km/h; however, for the first few months the speed limit will be capped at 80 km/h to test favorable road conditions.

This project shows how pioneering Quang Ninh has been in uniting resources and self-adjusting the province’s budget to build the highway. Starting on September 13th, 2014, the highway Halong – Hai Phong was the first construction to begin, then Bach Dang Bridge was continued from January 25th, 2015. The bridge is said of being able to handle level-8 earthquake. Along with other projects, Quang Ninh looks forward to finishing nearly 200km highway, contributing to 1/10 total highways across the country, based on the Government’s objective.

Bhaya Cruises officially operates all transfers by shuttle bus and private car on the new highway

Bhaya's private cars have already begun using the highway since September 2nd, 2018, seizing the opportunity to enhance services for valued guests journeying to Halong Bay, the most beautiful destination in Vietnam. Bhaya Cruises is also in the process of altering our shuttle bus route which from October 15th, 2018, will reduce the total travel time from 4.5 to 2.5 hours.

“We were very eager to hear about the completion of the newly built highway,” says Mr. Andrej Stein, General Manager of Bhaya Cruises. “During my recent travels whilst visiting partners in Australia, the US and Europe, tour operators and agents were happy to hear the news of the new highway opening. It enables more flexibility for their itineraries. I have been personally trying the highway for my daily commute from Hanoi to Halong – and can fully recommend it. Quang Ninh can expect a tourism boom with this and the soon to be completed airport,” he adds.

Since its inauguration in 2007, Bhaya Cruises continues to work tirelessly to achieve the highest standards amongst Halong Bay cruise operators. After gaining success with its original boat design, Bhaya expanded its presence and is now represented by three separate brands: the Bhaya Classic, the Au Co and the Bhaya Legend. These brands offer a full range of services and cruise styles making Bhaya the largest cruise operator in Halong Bay with a total of 17 overnight cruise boats.

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