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Warning: Be cautious of scam Bhaya Group’s Websites

As the pioneering cruise operator in Halong Bay,  Bhaya Group has made its name amongst the most reputable cruise companies. Recently, we have been made aware of the new fake websites, targeting at our customers. There are individuals and organizations create these scamming websites for making money or simply harm our reputation. These websites use either our brand names or our product images to lure customers to book with them.

Listed below are fake websites we have discovered. Please be aware when you search for our products.


Fake Product: Bhaya Classic Cruise

Owned by: dulichsenrung

Leader: Le Thanh Cong


Fake Product: The Au Co Luxury Cruise

Owned by: dulichsenrung

Leader: Le Thanh Cong

warning about fake bhayagroup website_1



Fake Product: Legend Halong Cruise

Owned by: easytours

Leader: Tran Cong Trinh

warning about fake bhayagroup website_7



The following are our official websites run and managed by Bhaya Group. All the content and promotions are updated regularly. Please note that a booking portal is available on our websites which allow customers to safely book their cruise or send request directly to us. Any other websites which don't allow users to book online via a secure booking system is assumed to be fake.


The Bhaya Group Website - Official corporate information gateway of Bhaya Group

warning about fake bhayagroup website_4

For The Au Co Luxury Cruise


warning about fake bhayagroup website_5

For Bhaya Classic Cruise


warning about fake bhayagroup website_6

For Legend Halong Cruise

warning about fake bhayagroup website_7


How to protect yourself

  • Always double check the identity of website and company you are booking with

  • Do not give any personal information until you have confirmed the company and website authenticity.

  • You should always access our official website by typing the address into your browser.

For more information on our Halong Bay cruises and reservations, please contact us directly at +84 24 3944 6777, and our four official websites shown above.

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