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June 13, 2019

Last year, Halong Bay welcomed 5.5 million tourists, making it the most popular destination in the Gulf of Tonkin. Halong Bay is becoming increasingly popular, as more and more tourists put this destination at the top of their travel list. Getting started on your vacation plan, it is important…



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Halong Bay Weather in July

May 15, 2019

Everybody is looking for a perfect trip for their summer vacation. While planning, the first thing that comes up in your mind must be the weather. You don’t want all the efforts that you put into the trip being ruined by bad weather.

Is it good to visit Halong…



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Halong Bay Weather in March

March 29, 2019

Planning a trip to Vietnam? Whether or not you’re on the fence with booking an overnight cruise in Halong Bay, know that no itinerary to Vietnam is complete without breathing in the fresh sea air and exploring the hidden world of this truly legendary location steeped in rich cultural…



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When’s The Best Time To Visit Halong Bay For Great Weather & Low prices?

January 1, 2019
This post will give you pros and cons for each season of weather in Halong Bay, so you can easily to choose the best time to visit that most suitable with your schedule, budget...
Halong Bay in Januuary


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Halong Bay Weather in January: Is it too cold?

December 13, 2018

Surely January is a winter month but Vietnam is a typically tropical country so perhaps its weather in winter is not as cold and harsh as in western countries?

Read on to find out useful information about Halong Bay Weather in January if you are planning a tour in this month of the year:

Halong Bay in Januuary

1. Overall weather of Halong Bay in January

Coming to Halong in January, you will experience the beauty of this amazing place in the middle of winter. The average temperature is 17 C degree with the highest temperature and lowest temperature of 20 C degree and 14 C degrees, respectively, so it is still rather cold during this time of the year.

It is highly recommended that you bring along a sweater, jacket, and comfortable shoes.

In terms of rainfall, this is actually one of driest months of the year with monthly rainfall of 18mm.

There are about 3 hours of sunshine per day.

The average sea temperature is 21 C degree.

2. Swimming in Halong Bay during winter months

Swimming in Halong Bay during winter months in general and in January, in particular, is not recommended for local people who are used to the tropical climate.

However, the average sea temperature in winter is actually not too cold to swim (especially in the afternoon) for foreign tourists who come from countries with a temperature of below C degree in winter. Swimming is considered a good activity for you to stay in shape during winter.

Take note that the average temperature during the day may make the sea temperature colder than it actually is so tourists should still take some precautions tips:

  • Do not dive in the water immediately. Warm-up activities can help you minimize any shock effect caused by the cold sea temperature.
  • Do not go over your limit: Your body will get accustomed to the cold but do not spend too much time in the cold water. When you start feeling numb in your toes and fingers, take it as a sign to come out of the water right away.
  • Keep yourself warm and dry immediately after you get out avoiding shivering, which can lead to a cold. However, do not try to increase your body temperature too fast with hot water: it can do more harm and good. A dry tower and warm clothes are much better options.

3. What else can you do in this month of the year?

Swimming is not for everyone, especially those who hesitate because of cold water, but the poetic scenery of Halong in January is definitely great for taking photos.

Also, because it is really dry with very infrequent rain, tourists can take part in various outdoor adventures. Take note that such activities like kayaking or mountain climbing may be suddenly cancelled in case of very heavy fog.

Here are our two recommended activities for you:

  • Sightseeing on a cruise
Mystical Halong Bay During January

Credit photo: @thaopham26

You may wonder if Halong is still worth visiting even when it is surrounded by fog. In fact, it is the mystical fog that makes Halong more hauntingly beautiful and romantic.

There is a great sense of peace during winter months you cannot find in any another month of the year. Sitting on the deck of a cruise, watching islets appear and disappear in front of you in the thin veil of fog is like visiting a magical place.

When the weather gets too cold to stay outside, you can relax in the cabin equipped with a heating system.

Travelling by seaplane can also bring a very memorable experience but remember to take into account limited visibility and high cost.

Winter is the peak travel season in Halong Bay with the influx of foreign visitors to the bay can be a quiet crowd.

  • Enjoying Vietnamese culture and traditional food

Depending on the lunar calendar, the Vietnamese New Year (or Tet) often takes place in late January or early February, during which Vietnamese people often go back to their hometown and spend time with their family.

Visiting Halong in January may mean some cruise lines stop operation or your favourite restaurants may close down for holiday.

On the other hand, you will see how local people prepare for Tet. In addition to the famous cuisine of Halong Bay in winter, you can also sample different traditional dishes (like “banh chung”).

January is perfect for a fantastic time for leisure travel so do not miss the chance to admire Halong Bay up-close during this time of the year

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Travel Guide Weather

Reasons to visit Halong Bay in Winter

October 5, 2018

The colder season often reminds of a gloomy vibe that thinking about the concept has already been dismal. It is truly freezing in temperate and frigid zones, yet for a tropical country like Vietnam, the Winter is not so bad in the North. Indeed, it is a unique time…


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What is Halong Bay weather like in February

October 4, 2018

You are planning a visit to Halong Bay in February. You don’t know if it is a good time to be in Halong Bay. Keep reading for our detailed weather forecast of Halong Bay in February as well as travel tips.

February is late winter and early spring in Vietnam in general, so the weather is getting warmer. In the daylight, it is very comfortable with light sunshine. During the night, temperature decreases making it a bit colder.



The average temperature is around 180C which is quite pleasant for tourist from the area with the temperate climate. The highest temperature can reach 210C during the sunny day while at night it can fall to around 120C. It gets warmer toward the end of the month.

Sunshine hours

You can expect to have 5 hours per day when the sunshine over the bay in February. The sunlight is not as harsh as in the summer but soft and very comfortable. The kind of weather is favourable for many outdoor activities. Check out the other best months to visit.
However, there is a high chance of being cloudy which is 78%.

Sea temperature 

The average sea temperature is 19.30C which is not too cold if you want to swim.


The average rainfall in February for the country is 22mm, Halong Bay usually witnesses less rain. The figure is around 16.7 mm falling over an average of 10 days in the month.


The average humidity is 81% during the month. This is not the most humid month in Halong Bay. In fact, it doesn’t affect your outdoor activities, and you will feel better when you are out on the bay.

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Tips for travelling Halong Bay in February

Halong Bay February weather is pleasant with light sunshine and less rain. This is also one of the peak month of the tourism season here. So take the chance to discover the World Heritage Site with some insider’s tips as follows:

  • In the day it can be warm but the temperature drops during the night. Remember to bring a light jacket.
  • It is still in high season so make sure to have all your hotels, cruise and transportation booked in advance. The cruise rate can be higher during this period so with early booking you are likely to get a discount or at least a better price.
  • Seafood is famous for its freshness and high quality in Halong. Seafood hotpot is a good option for dinner. In addition, squid cake is the most well-known speciality of Halong. You should not miss the chance to taste some when in Halong.
tips for travel to halong bay february
  • The best way to discover Halong bay is cruising. There are special “Tet Cruise” which is designed to bring you quintessence of Vietnam. You will get to live in the Vietnamese festive spirit. There are numerous Halong Bay tours are operated during this special season for you to decide.
  • February is a crucial time in Vietnam. It is the time for Tet Holiday or Lunar New Year – the biggest celebration of Vietnamese people. This year, Lunar New Year comes by 15th of February 2018. Every street and house is decorated with flower and cherry blossom to welcome the New Year. You will have the chance to experience a Vietnamese traditional New Year which is much different from what you have back home.


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Halong Bay weather in December, is it worth visiting?

October 4, 2018
Winter starts from December, but weather is generally mild, with average low and high temperatures of 13 °C (55 °F) and 20°C (68 °F) for Halong Bay, and damp with occasional showers.


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Halong bay weather in June – What will the weather be like ?

October 4, 2018

Summer has truly arrived here in Halong Bay. June witness the highest temperature throughout the year with an average of 29oC. The weather is much more pleasant on the bay.

Halong Bay weather in June is perfect for you to enjoy the beach and swimming.

The Sunshine will stay for 8 hours a day and water temperature is around 27oC which allow you to stay active in the water comfortably for the extended period.

The following cute infographic is a basic weather index for Halong Bay in June.


You also can check out more about Halong Bay Weather of other months.

June Weather is good for traveling Halong Bay

You will see Halong bay at her finest under the sun which allows a clear view of the bay with emerald water, magnificent karst tower, and crystal clear blue sky.

8 hours of sunshine give you more time to explore Halong bay and therefore a less tight schedule.

All ships must arrive sleeping point before it’s dark. It is not safe to cruise when the sun is out.

Summer is suitable for various outdoor activities which are a big plus for your Halong bay cruise.

couple kayak in halong bay

The average temperature of seawater is 27oC, perfect for swimming and kayaking.

Another point that makes June is a good time to travel Halong is deal and promotion. 

In fact, this time is low season for tourism so many cruise operators offer deals and discounts.

Check out Bhaya Cruises’ special deals for 2 days 1-night Cruises & 3 days 2 nights Cruises!

June is good but not the best time to visit Halong due to some unexpected storm.

So be prepared and take some handy tips!

Tips for Cruising Halong Bay in June

Halong bay weather in June is pleasant and full of sunshine. Make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Bring sunglasses and sunscreen. Sun can be harsh during June, you won’t want a sunburnt
  • Be careful with jellyfish. Most of the jellyfish in Halong is harmless except fire jellyfish. Even though the chance you encounter one is very rare, you should be ready. Take proper treatment can ease the pain.
  • Check the weather forecast regularly
  • Follow instruction from your tour guide when kayaking. Don’t go into any cave without guidance. Water current changes in an unpredictable way which prevents you from getting out or worst, capsize your kayak and throw you back into.


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Weather in Halong Bay: Storm in the summer

October 3, 2018

A cruise in Halong Bay with Bhaya Cruises can be done anytime during the year. The weather can vary a lot in Halong Bay, depending on the month you select for your cruise. You can check more detail about weather and temperatures of Halong each month here. Indeed, during some months,…